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12 $ (about 9 €) for each slice (shipping excluded).


An ad on Sliced Art, plus many goodies.
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What you get:

For each purchase: your ad on this site.

For each slice: a postcard of the purchased slice(s) (10x10 cm each, unique edition, signed) AND a big postcard of the whole artwork (21x21 cm, signed, edition of 500)

  • 6+ slices: the postcards, plus a signed poster of the artwork (50x50 cm, 1/200).
  • 10+ slices: the postcards, the poster, two big postcards of the whole artwork plus
    your name will appear in the painting.
  • 30+ slices: the postcards, the poster, your name on the artwork, five big postcards of the whole artwork plus your portrait will appear somewhere in the painting.
  • 50+ slices: the postcards, the poster, your name and portrait on the artwork, plus
    a signed limited edition of the whole artwork (high quality print on canvas, 56x56 cm, ed. 1/5).
  • 100+ slices: all of the above, plus a special sykscraper box with all the slices!
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