Sliced Art is crowd-funded art

Only a BIG-TIME patrons can afford HUGE  artwork? No. Why? You can sell art­work by the slice.

I sliced my artwork in 900 square units, each one looking for a patron like you. In return, you get to place an ad on The idea is the more slices you purchase, the more visibility you have, both on the website and in the artwork itself, and of course a few gifts to boot.

I’m working on my biggest, most high-detail digital drawing ever. It will be released in two versions: 1) A huge 600x600 cm wallpaper "street art" version that I will exhibit in and donate to the city of Berlin, Germany and 2) a smaller, high quality, 300x300 cm "art gallery" version.

This work is subdivided into 900 square units of 20x20cm each. Every unit is available here on Sliced Art for all potential sponsors – from starving artist to filthy rich. When you purchase a unit, I draw it and mail it to you. But it’s about more than funding the great cause of art; you also get something in return:

  1. An advertisement of your choice on the selected unit(s), that will be displayed on the home page when a user zooms in on one of your slices, and in greater glory on the Patrons page.
  2. A little print of the purchased slice(s) (10x10 cm each one, signed), plus a limited edition, high quality postcard of the whole artwork (10x10 cm each one, signed)
  3. If you decide you want a larger piece, you get a signed poster, your name or signature or portrait on the painting, a copy on canvas, a special set of slices etc.

The Pa­trons view it­self will be­come a map of art gal­leries, artists, and art lovers, and an overall great way to show­case and con­nect peo­ple who work in the art field world­wide. This huge draw­ing isn’t just a work of art; it’s an artis­tic event as well.

Yours truly.

Francesco D'Isa