Francesco D'Isa

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Francesco D'Isa

Francesco D'Isa is an Italian artist and art curator. After studying philosophy in Florence, Italy, he pursued his path as a self-taught artist and cultivated a healthy fascination with visual imagery that has driven him to master the corresponding skills. Although already a pioneer of digital art in Italy, his drawing abilities have also allowed him work with more traditional media.

As co-founder of the Italian Art & Literature magazine Mostro, he was able to publish his first pieces. His digital and traditional artwork was featured in many magazines around the world, such as Expose III, Ballistic Publishing (USA); Pixel Surgeons: Extreme manipulation of the figure in Photography, Mitchell Beazley Art & Design, Octopus ed. (UK); Black magic, White Noise and Illusive 3, Die Gestalten Verlag (GERMANY); Design 360°, SanDu Culture ed. (CHINA), GQmagazine (Italy), and INSIDE ART (Italy). His accolade in contemporary art practice has been recognized with several art prizes. He has often exhibited internationally, most notably in Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, England, USA, Australia, Russia and South America. His theory and practice have been extended as a Workshop Leader and Lecturer in Multimedia.

In 2007, he became a "Pornpope" by founding the porn-artistic collective Pornsaints. He organized art exhibitions and parties for Pornsaints international at art galleries and erotic festivals, both in Europe and in the USA. Through his work as Pornpope, many international porn stars like Kylie Ireland, Stoya, Madison Young, Sasha Grey, and Ariel Rebel acted for him as muses, models and working partners. In 2009, his art was chosen for the image of the Italian fashion brand bigfatfanny and featured at the fashion fair Pitti Immagine 2010.

In 2010, his comic “I., a comic drawn by everyone” became a regular blog of the Italian online newspaper Il Post. It was published by the Italian publishing house Nottetempo in November 2011.